About Grenada

Grenada attracts travelers and international residents thanks to its warm climate and stunning topography. It is the largest of the three islands of the State of Grenada, at 12 miles (18km) by 21 miles (34km), totaling 120 square miles (440 sq. km). The other islands, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, are 13 square miles and 486 acres, respectively. Despite its small size, Grenada is ecologically diverse, boasting rainforests, dry lowlands, mountains, and picturesque mangroves. Grenada has rightfully earned the nickname Isle of Spice, producing more spices per square footage than anywhere else on earth.

Grenada Century

18th - 19th Century

In the 18th century, natural disasters negatively impacted many of the plantations in Grenada. It was in 1782 that Sir Joseph Banks, the British botanical adviser, brought nutmeg to the island. Due to the island’s vast potential for spice cultivation, it became (and is known to this day as) the Isle of Spices. Slavery was outlawed in 1834, giving rise to small spice plantations owned by yeoman farmers.

In 1833, Grenada became part of the Windward Islands Administration. This administration dissolved in 1958 and was replaced by a new and short-lived federation of British dependencies in the Eastern Caribbean. In 1967, the British government created associated statehood, granting its Eastern Caribbean colonies autonomy over internal affairs. Finally, Grenada earned full independence as a tri-island state on February 7, 1974.

18th - 19th Century

Since gaining independence, Grenada has adopted a government system like the parliamentary system of the United Kingdom. Despite several coups that marked the late 20th century, Grenada now holds fair and democratic elections to select leaders.


In 2004, Grenada was hit by Hurricane Ivan, which caused devastation to both structures and farmland. Since then, the Grenada government and residents have rebuilt, and the economy continues to thrive on agriculture (primarily nutmeg, cocoa, and bananas) and tourism. The current population is just over 126,000 and hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the islands each year. Due to affordability, natural beauty, and welcoming government policies, Grenada is becoming a more popular place for part-time or permanent relocation.

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