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Buying of Real Estate Property in Grenada

The Sales Process


Non-Grenadian Residents are obligated to secure an “Alien Land Holders License” and pay 10% on the purchase price. The application process for the license can take 3-6 months.

Expenses for Purchaser

Legal Fees:

Approximately 1-2% of purchase price + 15% VAT on fees (e.g. fees of $1000 x 15%= $ 150. Total fees=$ 1150)

Stamp Duty:

1% of purchase price

Surveyor’s Fee:

0.5% of agreed sales price (if applicable)

Alien Land Holding License (non-residents/citizens):


Incidental Expenses:

Approximately US$ 600.00

Expenses for Purchaser

Property Transfer Tax:

5% of the purchase price for nationals and members of the OECS, and 15% of the purchase price for non-nationals

Legal Fees:

Approximately 1% of the purchase price + 15% VAT

Real estate commission:

Normally 5% of the purchase price + 15% VAT (to be paid by seller)

Out-of-pocket expenses:

Approximately US$ 250.00

Government of Grenada allows an exemption on the first EC$ 20,000 of property value. Value Added Tax – VAT: 15% on Agents Commission and Legal Fees.

Additional information for Non-Nationals/Citizens purchasing property

Local banking institutions require declaration of ‘source of funds’ from the Buyer. For amounts above EC$ 250,000, approval is required from the Grenada Ministry of Finance.

For more information on this topic, visit Government of Grenada – Property Taxes

Selling of Real Estate Property in Grenada

Expenses for Purchaser

The following will be required from you to allow Century 21 to list and market your property.